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Information in English

General information for our international participants. We hope to see you in Sweden!

We are working with enrollments. All applicants will receive e-mails informing them if they are placed as participants of the knitting symposium or if they are on the waiting list

Participants who are members of Gavstrik  are given priority. Also participants who choose to live at the scool and participants who participate the entire sympsium are given priority.

The symposium is held using the nordic languages in most lectures and workshops. English speaking participants will receive some support from us during the week, but there will not be translators in every activity. People in Sweden are generally very good at speaking and understanding English , and we will try to help as best we can.

The price of  the symposium june 27-july 3  2022 We have only single rooms to offer, the price for a participant is  10300 Swedish kronor incl. VAT.
ingle or double rooms . Every room has its own bathroom. There is a good kitchen and a livingroom in each corridor. All meals will be provided by the school in its dining room. All the rooms are of good standard. 

When you have completed this enrollment form, we will send confirmation. An invoice will be sent to you by post or e-mail.

The Nordic Knitting symposium 2022 Knitting from need to pleasure

The languages used in this symposium are the nordic languages. There are som workshops in English given by English speaking teachers, and most of the other teachers understand and speak english even though their workshop is held in a nordic language. We welcome international participants , but we want to inform about the languages spoken. Workshops held in English are described in English in the workshop section.

The theme of the Knitting Symposium this summer covers traditional knitting in the area in and around Bohuslän on the west coast of sweden. The area we live in is an area for fishermen, sailors and stonemasons.

During  the 20 century there were times when families were struggeling with unemployment and lack of money. During those periods the two projects Binge and Bohus Knitting were started to help families by giving women the opportunity to apply to be a knitter for one of the projects. The symposium will cover these traditions and many other as knitting and textile crafts are expressed in many forms in this area. We will also have international speakers and speakers from other parts of Sweden.

The program is preliminary and we have to make som reservations.  In case of events we cannot forsee the program could change.

We are looking forward to Nordic knitting symposium !

We have made so many plans for the week of the symposium. There are exhibitions, art and culture, beautiful nature and good food. We will enjoy speeches and workshops, make trips and knitting cafés. We are planning for a really good time for everybody!

Best wishes from the workgroup: Anna, Lena, Madeleine, Maria, Tine, Susanne. 

The program Day by Day ( some changes can be made):

Monday June 27: Arrival, check in and knitting activities. We will also enjoy some speeches and celebrate meeting again and starting the symposium 

Tuesday June 28:Speeches and workshops of Bohus Knitting. there will be a lot of activity and also sales of Bohus Knitting kits.

Wednesday June 29: We will go for a half day bus tour on the island, and also enjoy a workshop. There is a speech in the evening

Thursday June 30: We will go for a half day bus tour on the island, and also enjoy a workshop. There is a speech in the evening

Friday July 1: Speeches ant two workshops. Music in the evening

Saturday July 2 : Speech in the morning, Two workshops, Speech in the afternoon and  night of festivities. 

Sunday July 3: We will meet and have some last activities before we leave for home 11.00 am  the symposium is over. 

If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to: sticksymposium.billstromska.2020@vgregion.se

Contact details:
Billströmska Folkhögskola
Nordisk Strikkesymposium 2020
Stenkyrkovägen 16
471 93 Kållekärr
Phone: +46 304 67 65 70

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